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  • Signature Horticultural Services Specializing in Northeastern Native Herbaceous Plants For Wetland Mitigation, Landscape Design, Restoration, And Wildlife Habitat Enhancement. WE SPECIALIZE IN NATIVE PLANTS FOR STORM WATER MANAGEMENT PONDS.
  • Below is an alphabetical list of the plants that we grow. Please click on them to go to the page with a description and picture. At the bottom of the page you will see 2
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Acorus americanus sweetflag Sometimes misnamed Acorus calamus, an introduced species; provides food and cover for wildlife. indicator status OBL habitat Wet meadows, stream edges, ditches, and swamps; pH 5.6-7.2. characteristics Reproduces by
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Aster novae-angliae (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) new england aster Provides food and cover for wildlife; source of nectar and pollen for butterflies and bees. indicator status FACW habitat Fields, roadsides, and moist meadows. characteristics
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Andropogon virginicus broom sedge The stiff straw stays erect and dominant on road cuts during winter; provides cover for wildlife. indicator status FACU habitat Old fields, hillsides, and open ground with dry,
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Caltha palustris MARSH MARIGOLD Great early blooming, low growing plant for wet areas. INDICATOR STATUS OBL HABITAT Wet edges o f l a kes and streams. Common in forested wetlands , seeps
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Carex pensylvanica pennsylvania sedge An alternative sod that tolerates sandy soils. indicator re status NI habitat Open woods and wooded slopes. characteristics A stoloniferous sod-forming sedge; grows to 16” tall; tolerates a
  • Native Woody Deciduous Shrub Cephalanthus occidentalis buttonbush A good source of nectar for butterflies and bees; produces an abundance of seeds favored by ducks and deer. indicator status OBL habitat Low, wet ground, swamps, bogs,
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Deschampsia caespitosa TUFTED HAIRGRASS Cool season grass, with dark green, fineTextured foliage. INDICATOR STATUS OBL HABITAT Found in bogs and along shores in full sun or partial shade. Prefers moist , organic
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Elymus virginicus virginia wild rye Used for soil stabilization and revegetation of wetlands; often found with Riverbank Wild Rye; provides food and cover for wildlife. indicator status FACW habitat Moist woods, meadows,
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Eupatorium maculatum spotted joe pye weed A source of nectar and pollen for butterflies and bees. indicator status FACW habitat Flood plains, swamps, and alluvial thickets. characteristics A flowering species; grows to
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Hibiscus moscheutos swamp rose mallow This large, long-lived perennial is very showy at the water’s edge. indicator status OBL habitat Alluvial meadows, swamp forest edges, and brackish marshes; pH 4.0-7.5. characteristics A
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Leersia oryzoides rice cutgrass Creates natural sediment traps; provides food for ducks and a habitat for invertebrates, which are food for waterfowl. indicator status OBL habitat Marshes, bogs, or wet meadows; pH
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Mimulus ringens square stemmed monkey flower The indeterminate blooms attract pollinators; provides cover for wildlife. indicator status OBL habitat Wet ,open ground of swamps, meadows, and shores. characteristics A rhizomatous species; grows
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Nymphaea odorata FRAGRANT WATER LILY Familiar aquatic plant with floating [eaves And showy flowers. INDICATOR STATUS OBL HABITAT Commonly found in quiet waters of lakes and ponds. Usually found in permanent water
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Parthenocissus quinquefolia VIRGINA CREEPER Is a woody vine native to eastern and central North America indicator status OBL habitat Swamps, stream or lake edges, and tidal marshes; pH 5.2-9.5. characteristics The flowers
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Rudbeckia fulgida var. fulgida orange coneflower A decorative species that provides long-season color. indicator status FAC habitat Moist fields. characteristics Grows from 1’-2’ tall; blooms from July to October; large yellow to
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Schizachyrium scoparium (Andropogon scoparius) little bluestem A good warm season grass for upland meadows where sight lines are important; used for erosion control on droughty sites; provides food and cover for wildlife
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Scirpus fluviatilis (Schoenoplectus fluviatilis) river bulrush Provides food and cover for waterfowl and muskrats, and spawning grounds for bluegills and largemouth bass in shallow water. indicator status OBL habitat Moist, sandy shores
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Solidago sempervirens SEASIDE GOLDENROD Salt tolerant herb with attractive yellow flowers. INDICATOR STATUS FACW HABITAT Native herb most commonly found in sandy soils of beaches, dunes and salt marshes. Occasionally found inland.
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Spartina alterniflora SMOOTH CORDGRASS Important, salt tolerant grass of the intertidal zone. known for its ability to control. erosion and build shore lines. The workhorse of the living shorelines. INDICATOR STATUS OBL
  • Native Herbaceous Perennial Typha angustifolia narrowleaf cattail Provides food for snow geese, muskrats, and beavers, and cover for nesting ducks and spawning fish. indicator status OBL habitat Wet meadows, marshes, shores, and ditches; often in
  • Pricing These Are Wholesale Prices. For quantities of less than 100, add $0.10 per plug. For quantities of less than 50, add $0.20 per plug. For quantities of less than 20, add $0.40 per plug.
  • Herbaceous Plant A herbaceous plant (or in botanical use, a herb) is a plant that has leaves and stems that die down at the end of the growing season to the soil level. A herbaceous
  • Signature Horticultural Services Was started by Kevin Fabula in 1993. Kevin earned a bachelor of science degree in ornamental horticulture from the University of Maryland 1979. Kevin has been active in the plant industry for
  • Pontederia cordata(Pickerelweed) Our plugs get up and grow!We mix our own special blend of potting soil. It is much heavier than most and we incorporate a good quality (expensive) slow release fertilizer into the mix.
  • Contact Us Contact Name Kevin T Fabula Contact Telephone: 410 329-6466 Fax: 410 329-2156 Address 19960 Gore Mill Road, Freeland,MD,21053 E-Mail Map Generator
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  • Signature Horticultural Services Speacializes in native plants for storm water management ponds call us @ 410-329-6466
  • Signature Horticulture services spealizes in Native plants for storm water management ponds. Call us on (410)329-2156. We grow northeastern native herbaceous plants for wetland mitigation, restoration, landscape design and wildlife habitat enhancement.
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