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 Pontederia cordata(Pickerelweed)

Pontederia cordata

Our plugs get up and grow!We mix our own special blend of potting soil. It is much heavier than most and we incorporate a good quality (expensive) slow release fertilizer into the mix. The heavier soil in the plant plug adapts better to the native soil types in the newly constructed storm water management ponds. The 9 month slow release fertilizer insures a beautiful green, healthy plug coming out of our nursery and will carry the plant through the establishment process when installed on your site. The result is a planting that establishes quickly with less chance of failure and call backs.  Pontederia cordata


Our plugs were planted in a newly constructed storm water management pond at Clemjontri Park in Northern Virginia in mid-June. They were fully established on the site by mid-August of that same year (just 8 weeks!) The photo was taken in mid-October. 


The plants in the picture are fully mature, blooming and setting seed, all in the 1st year of planting. Note the construction vehicles in the upper left hand corner. The storm water management pond was fully established before the park was even completed.

Pontederia cordata

















Our plugs are not pampered in a greenhouse. They are hardened out doors where they can toughen up to meet the challenges of a planting site. Vigorous well maintained plugs are important for a successful planting project.