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Pontederia cordata


Deschampsia caespitosa



Herbaceous Perennial 


Deschampsia caespitosa 


Cool  season grass, with dark green, fineTextured  foliage.   


HABITAT Found in bogs and along  

shores in full sun or partial shade. Prefers  

moist , organic soil.  


clump-forming grass w ith fine , dark green  

leaf blades. Grows to 2-3 ' tall. Panicles  

emerge in June and persist through August.  



Dulichium arundinaceum



Herbaceous Perennial  


Dulichium arundinaceum   

three way sedge  

A food source for waterfowl and muskrats.  

indicator  status            OBL            

habitat   Bogs, marshes, lake margins, swampy fields, and ditches; pH 4.7-7.5.  

characteristics   A rhizomatous species; grows to 3’ tall; 18” minimum root depth; moderate shade tolerance; low drought tolerance; no salt tolerance; blooms from July to August.  



Echinacea purpurea



Herbaceous Perennial 


Echinacea purpurea 

purple coneflower 

Very showy in meadows and on roadsides. 

indicator  status           NI        

habitat   Open meadows and roadsides; pH 6.5-7.2.   

characteristics   A single-stemmed flowering species; grows to 5’ tall; grows best in moist, well-drained soils; 24” minimum root depth; full sun; low drought tolerance; low salt tolerance; blooms from June to September; attractive purple flowers. 



Eleocharis palustris

Herbaceous Perennial

Eleocharis palustris 


A native perennial that establishes quickly by creeping rhizomes that form a thick root mass.  

INDICATOR STATUS                       OBL  

HABITAT  A pioneering species that establishes quickly in mud flats as the water   

draws down. Common to  s  eeps  ,  ditches, marshes and pond and str  e  am edges. Once  

established, it will tolerate permanent inundation or occasional dry downs.   

CHARACTERISTICS    Creeping spike rush is a native wetland plant that can grow  

up to 3' tall. The stems are round and held upright  w  ith terminal spikelet’s borne June through September.  



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OBL       Obligate wetland species
UPL       Upland species
FACW    Facultative wetland species
NO         No occurrence
FAC      Facultative species
NI         No indicator
FACU    Facultative upland species

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